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ISBN: 9780007705634


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Seeking Rapture

A Memoir

by Kathryn Harrison

Category: Fiction / G - I
Publication date: 20040105
Number of pages: 224

A memoir about the ties that bind mothers to their children - and the forces that can drive them apart. Sharing those episodes that form the drama of domestic life, Kathryn Harrison offers a glimpse into the worlds of mother and child and a portrait of the drama of domestic life.

What the papers say:
On Harrison's first memoir, THE KISS: 'One of the most startling books you are ever likely to read.' Gill Hornby, Observer 'I couldn't stop reading this. I'll never stop remembering it.' Mary Karr, author of The Liar's Club 'An unforgettable tale, a work of searing honesty, of immaculate literature.' Kate Figes, Independent on Sunday 'Remarkable for its candour, but also for its elegance, its sense of morality and its generosity of spirit.' Eliza Charlton, Sunday Telegraph 'Harrison writes like an angel.' Penny Perrick, The Times 'Remarkably moving.' Penelope Mortimer, Daily Telegraph 'Heartfelt, extraordinary ... This is a book that, once read, refuses to go away.' Marie Claire

Author's Biography:
Kathryn Harrison is the author of the novels THE BINDING CHAIR, EXPOSURE, A THOUSAND ORANGE TREES, and the memoir THE KISS, all available from Fourth Estate. She lives in New York with her husband, the novelist Colin Harrison, and their children.

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