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ISBN: 9780007226474


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Not Dead Yet

A Manifesto for Old Age

by Julia Neuberger

Category: Home, Family & Health / General
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 2 April 2009
Number of pages: 368

Why we need to be better at ageing...Julia Neuberger asks why we allow our older relatives to be treated so appallingly and in her 10-point manifesto demands that we change our attitudes and behaviour towards ageing. Parachuting into fields, running internet businesses, singing in rock groups at the age of 101 - some older people have never been so active. So why are others being so badly treated? In Not Dead Yet, Julia Neuberger asks the questions our society has shied away from - and demands answers. * Why are older people increasingly marginalised, mistreated and patronised? * Why are they allowed to die in hospital without food, water or pain relief? * Why are we so bombarded with images of the young that older people are being driven from our TV screens? * Why do the most experienced people find it so hard to get jobs? * Isn't there more to life than bingo, bowls and daytime television? In her furious 10-point manifesto for grey power, Julia confronts a shameful injustice and in doing so sets us on the road to change that benefits us all.

What the papers say:
'..those in public authority should read it and it will give ammunition to campaigners on various fronts.' The Times 'Clear and vigorous...we should all take note of Not Dead Yet.' Michael Parkinson 'Just what we need! A brisk, bold look at ageing in Britain today with a clarion call to action - written with admirable spirit and commitment.' Joan Bakewell

Author's Biography:
Broadcaster and writer Julia Neuberger beame a rabbi in 1977, serving for 12 years before leaving to pursue her interest in research and health care ethics. She has held positions which include being Chief Executive of the King's Fund, being a member of the Committee on Standards in Public Life and Life Peer (or member of the House of Lords) since 2004.

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