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ISBN: 9780006379690


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Storm Command

Personal Account of the Gulf War

by Peter De La Billiere

Category: Fiction / A - C
Publication date: 19930831
Number of pages: 320

A personal account of the Gulf War which provides insight into the strategy and planning of the air and land campaigns, and reveals key information on the role of the SAS in Operation Desert Storm.

What the papers say:
'More gripping than fiction; take the graphic account of an SAS corporal's harrowing 200-mile escape through western Iraq, for instance - a tale almost too incredible for a thriller... An important and enjoyable book.' Christopher Bellamy, Independent 'Fascinating... Deserves a place even in the glorious annals of British soldiering.' James Buchan, Spectator 'This excellent and moving book builds up to a most exciting climax.' Sunday Times 'A commander who made men do almost impossible things by doing them himself first... A soldier who from the most undisciplined and unpromising beginnings achieved complete mastery of himself and hte men who fought under him.' Daily Telegraph

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