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ISBN: 9780006374923


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Wild Swans

Three Daughters of China

by Jung Chang

Category: Biographies / General
Publication date: 19930614
Number of pages: 688
Prizes: Writer&apos
s Guild / Macallan Award Non-Fiction Category,1992,W

Through the lives of three generations of women, this book tells the story of 20th-century China. The book begins with the author's grandmother in 1924, continues with the experiences of the mother and finishes with the daughter who grew up during the Cultural Revolution.

What the papers say:
'It is impossible to exaggerate the importance of this book' Mary Wesley 'Everything about Wild Swans is extraordinary. It arouses all the emotions, such as pity and terror, that great tragedy is supposed to evoke, and also a complex mixture of admiration, despair and delight at seeing a luminous intelligence directed at the heart of darkness' Minette Marrin, Sunday Telegraph 'Immensely moving and unsettling; an unforgettable portrait of the brain-death of a nation' J.G. Ballard, Sunday Times 'Wild Swans made me feel like a five-year-old. This is a family memoir that has the breadth of the most enduring social history' Martin Amis, Independent on Sunday 'There has never been a book like this' Edward Behr, Los Angeles Times

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