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ISBN: 9780002246699


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Perseus Spur

by Julian May

Category: Sci-Fi & Fantasy / Sci-fi
Publication date: 19980817
Number of pages: 320

A major new science fiction series from bestselling author Julian May. 'I was living in pleasant anonymity under the name of Helmut Icicle, taking smartass sport-divers out on holocam trips around the reefs of Kedge-Lockaby. Fourteen thousand light years away from civilization, K-L's a freesoil planet way out in the boondocks, and that's the way I like it: it makes life easier if no-one asks nosy questions. 'So one minute there I was, subbing around Brillig Reef; the next thing I know, some giant sea-toad has eaten my house and I'm caught up in a galactic conspiracy! From gently coaxing an ageing submersible around the shores of K-L to piloting a state-of-the-art Javelin starship may seem like a big jump: but when it looks as if the future course of human civilization is under threat, it's a hell of a motivator.' Perseus Spur delivers everything readers have come to expect from worldwide bestseller Julian May: galactic scope, high adventure, humour, and complex political intrigue in a finely worked balance.

What the papers say:
'Julian May is a writer of perception and power' Jean Auel 'Julian May has irrevocably placed herself amongst the greats of fantasy and science fiction' Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine

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Published by Voyager in 1998. Paperback, 320 pages. The book is in almost perfect condition. The book may have been read previously and may show slight signs of wear. Your book will be securely packed and promptly dispatched from our UK warehouse. We provide excellent customer service. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Help the environment - buy secondhand books! ##6701
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