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ISBN: 8365


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Mammoth Hunters

by Jean M Auel

Category: Romance, Sagas & Historical / Historical
Publication date: 19851111
Number of pages: 640

Such realistic phantasy that it is absolutely believable, so well written I am profoundly grateful it is not alone but a series. Convincing well founded in geological,archeological and geographical belief. Only wish I could create like this. It was an unbelievably poor decades ago, this may have prejudiced readers.

What the papers say:
'The authenticity of background detail, the lilting prose rhythms and the appealing conceptual audacity continue to work their spell.' -- Publishers Weekly 'Enjoy spending this holiday season falling back in time.' -- Cosmopolitan 'Clearly falls into the "unputdownable" category ... once again Jean Auel presents a compelling, vivid and authentic picture of man's existence at the dawn of history, an epic tale the fluency of which is a tribute to the depth of her research.' -- Citizen, Gloucester

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